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Elevate your financial operations with our specialized money payout service tailored for businesses. Our cutting-edge platform ensures swift and secure distribution of funds to your recipients. With a focus on reliability and efficiency, we enable seamless money transfers that keep your business running smoothly.

Experience the convenience of real-time notifications that provide insights into each payout's status, ensuring a hassle-free experience for your business processes. Whether it's disbursing payments to employees, suppliers, or partners, our platform simplifies the entire process.

Streamline the online payment experience for your customers effortlessly with our intuitive checkout solution. Regardless of whether you have a website or not, our platform provides a user-friendly payment page that ensures a seamless transaction process. Say goodbye to complex payment procedures and hello to a hassle-free checkout experience that enhances customer satisfaction and boosts your business's online presence.

Integrate innovation seamlessly into your business with our advanced Business API. Engineered to enhance efficiency and flexibility, our API empowers your systems to communicate effortlessly, allowing you to optimize operations and elevate customer experiences. Whether you're seeking real-time data retrieval, transaction initiation, or process automation, our API offers a secure and reliable gateway to unlock the full potential of your business.

With our Business API, you're not just connecting systems; you're opening doors to new opportunities. Streamline workflows, enable faster decision-making, and tap into the power of data-driven insights. Stay ahead in a rapidly evolving business landscape by leveraging the capabilities of our API—your bridge to a more agile, connected, and prosperous future.

Simple Pricing

Simple, Straightforward per transaction pricing with No hidden fees.

Comprehensive Options

More ways to pay your customers with 100+ payment methods available.

Simple Settlement Process

Withdraw funds to any local bank account and get funds immediately.


Ksh. 1 Ksh. 100 Ksh. 2
Ksh. 101 Ksh. 1,500 Ksh. 8
Ksh. 1,501 Ksh. 5,000 Ksh. 15
Ksh. 5,001 Ksh. 20,000 Ksh. 27
Ksh. 20,001 Ksh. 150,000 Ksh. 27


Ksh. 1 Ksh. 49 Ksh. 2
Ksh. 50 Ksh. 100 Ksh. 2
Ksh. 101 Ksh. 500 Ksh. 9
Ksh. 501 Ksh. 1,000 Ksh. 14
Ksh. 1,001 Ksh. 1,500 Ksh. 19
Ksh. 1,501 Ksh. 2,500 Ksh. 26
Ksh. 2,501 Ksh. 3,500 Ksh. 31
Ksh. 3,501 Ksh. 5,000 Ksh. 40
Ksh. 5,001 Ksh. 7,500 Ksh. 52
Ksh. 7,501 Ksh. 10,000 Ksh. 58
Ksh. 10,001 Ksh. 15,000 Ksh. 67
Ksh. 15,001 Ksh. 20,000 Ksh. 74
Ksh. 20,001 Ksh. 25,000 Ksh. 79
Ksh. 25,001 Ksh. 30,000 Ksh. 84
Ksh. 30,001 Ksh. 35,000 Ksh. 95
Ksh. 35,001 Ksh. 40,000 Ksh. 111
Ksh. 40,001 Ksh. 45,000 Ksh. 115
Ksh. 45,001 Ksh. 50,000 Ksh. 120
Ksh. 50,001 Ksh. 70,000 Ksh. 120
Ksh. 70,001 Ksh. 150,000 Ksh. 120


Ksh. 1 Ksh. 9,999 Ksh. 30
Ksh. 10,000 Ksh. 99,999 Ksh. 35
Ksh. 100,001 Ksh. 150,000 Ksh. 50

Note:Charges are based on the volumes moved.

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