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The Most Convenient and Cheap way to make your Payments.
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Send & Receive Money

Move your money to your friends across town and across Kenya the fast, easy and cheap way to their Mobile Wallets and Bank Accounts.

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Cash Deposit & Withdrawal

Get more value on your Money, deposit & Withdraw at any of our Kyanda Merchants Country-Wide.

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Pay Utility Bills

While saving you Money, Pay your bills in an easy, secure, and all in one Account. Plus, get instant Cahsbacks on all transactions!

Merchant Services

◉ Collect Payments from your Clients & Disburse Payments to your Employee's or Supplier's Mobile Wallet & Bank Accounts.

◉ Resell commission based Airtime/Utility Billing to diversify your Income.

◉ Perform Cash deposits/withdrawals for other Kyanda Users.

All of the above services under one Account. Download our Merchant App to get started earning.

One API to build them all


//Setup the Payload

POST /billing/v1/mobile-payout/create HTTP/1.1
Content-Type: application/json

   "initiatorName":"John Doe",
   "initiatorCountry": "Germany"
  "amount": "1500",

//Hit send and we'll take care of the rest.

Our APIs are built with the developer in mind. We want you to focus on doing what you do best: Building great products. We abstract all the complexity and present easy-to-integrate APIs for you. Check out our curated developer guide that will make it easier for you to learn how to work with our APIs.


Asante for believing in us!

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Sylvia KE

"Kyanda has offered great services...I personal trust their services."

Peter Mutie

"Goodness! Just the best. I send money to MPESA for free, Buy discounted Airtime and pay my bills. Keep it up Kyanda."

Jackline Mbithe

"Nice app!. Getting cash back by buying airtime is great."

Collins Ogando

"Kyanda is cheap and secure.. I like cheap and secure things.. Saves me money. You should try it."

David Kiriago


Answers to your Queries...

How can I start using Kyanda?

All you have to do is download the Kyanda Mobile App through Google Playstore, Register your account for FREE, Deposit money into your account and start transacting!

What Services are offered by Kyanda?

Users can make CHEAP, FAST and SECURE Payments through the Smartest Wallet with access to:
1. Money transfer to Other Kyanda Users, Other Mobile Wallets such as MPESA, AIRTEL MONEY & EQUITEL, and to all 42 banks in Kenya.
2. Utility Bill Payments. i.e Airtime Purchase, KPLC tokens, KPLC Postpaid, TV Payments (DSTV, GOTV, ZUKU & STARTIMES) and Water Payments.
3. Deposit and Withdraw funds from your Kyanda Wallet at any Kyanda Merchant Outlet countrywide.

How much can I save with Kyanda?

Kyanda saves you upto 70% transactional costs and offers Cashback on all Utility Payments made through your Account.

How can I talk to Kyanda Team?

You can contact Kyanda Team anytime via:
WhatsApp: 0715 330 000
Phone: +254 715 330 000
Email: support@kyanda.co.ke

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