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Our company offers instant airtime distribution services tailored specifically for businesses. With our reliable and efficient platform, we provide seamless delivery of airtime to mobile subscribers. You will receive instant notifications regarding the status of each delivery, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience for your business operations.

Easily send airtime to friends and family with our convenient personal use platform. Stay connected and share the gift of airtime across any network. Simplify the process with just a few clicks and enjoy seamless transactions. Explore our user-friendly interface and experience hassle-free airtime distribution today.

Integrate our robust airtime API into your applications for seamless airtime distribution. Our API offers secure and reliable functionality, allowing you to send airtime to mobile subscribers with ease. Enjoy real-time notifications, comprehensive documentation, and flexible integration options. Simplify your airtime distribution process and enhance your application's capabilities with our powerful airtime API.


Experience the convenience of our All-In-One Voucher Airtime solution for all networks in Kenya. With a single voucher, enjoy airtime top-up for any mobile network. Say goodbye to multiple vouchers and simplify your recharge process. Stay connected effortlessly across all networks with our comprehensive airtime solution.
  • Hassle-Free Experience: Enjoy a smooth and straightforward process for topping up airtime. With our fastload service, you can recharge your account quickly and efficiently.
  • Universal Solution: Our fastload service caters to all networks in Kenya, providing a one-stop solution for your airtime needs, making it the perfect choice for effortless communication.

Kyanda Duka

Duka Features

Duka your go-to platform for instant airtime distribution services tailored for businesses. With our efficient and reliable solution, seamlessly deliver airtime to mobile subscribers while receiving real-time notifications for a hassle-free experience.
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Encouraging User Engagement

Harness airtime rewards as powerful incentives, motivating mobile subscribers to engage actively. Boost survey responses, run impactful ad campaigns, and promote captivating content.

Micro-payment solutions

Simplify solutions with virtual airtime, an efficient channel for micro payments in emerging markets. Build and enjoy discounts effortlessly with our platform. Empower change, reap rewards.


Attract a wide audience with our user-friendly APIs, enabling easy development and scaling of airtime distribution businesses. Benefit from a reseller-oriented pricing structure that rewards discounts based on distributed volume.

Airtime and Utility Billing

Transaction Channel Commission

Note:Commissions are effected depending on the Volumes moved